Commercial Financing

When starting a business, commercial financing can seem very daunting to foreign investors who are newly adjusting to the banking system in the UAE. Bankit has helped both emerging entrepreneurs and those with established companies to generate maximum working capital for their business. We are a team of commercial banking experts and have been in the region for more than 15 years in the lending business. Our professionals understand the need of your business very well and give investors all of the training they need in order to run their own business.

Commercial finance is one of the top reasons that kept investors at bay in the UAE market. Given the rise in cross-country business, you might expect for a more reliable source to fund your business activities. Bankit guarantees maximum credibility of commercial financing sources and more. Our commercial financing service determines the obligations faced by you in expanding your business. As a result, we facilitate you to avail best available commercial financing from the UAE as well as the overseas based banks.

We are ready to assist you with the following financing:

1. Trade and Working Capital Financing (LC, TR, LBD, Invoice discounting, Term Loan etc)
2. Commercial Property Financing
3. Loan Against Property
4. Business loans
5. Equity Release
6. Asset Backed Financing
7. Islamic Murabaha

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