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As part of our company formation plan, we also extend to business banking services to enable your smooth financial operations. With practically applied and tested solutions, our team of bankers is ever ready to develop long and short-term financial strategies to increase your creditworthiness in the market. Our business banking services range from the small task of selecting a bank to as far as managing the investments and funds for your business. 

Obtaining efficient access to the international trade market has never been easy. Thanks to our 6 main services; Company Bank Account, Trade Finance, Commercial Financing, Real Estate and Construction Financing, Mortage and Home Loan, Debt Structuring, which are structuring your business banking activities to best match your business needs. 

Company Bank Account:

Whether you are new to the UAE or simply looking for better banking options, setting up a bank account can be tricky with the new banking regulations in place. Where the options are endless, it becomes even more important to choose a bank based on your specific business need. Wealth Orbit Management Consultancy is your one-stop destination to tackle all the complexities you can possibly run into while opening a bank account in the UAE.  We are proud to call ourselves an experienced financial and business banking service provider to our customers and well known partners with best known UAE banks with good reputation. 

Our team of commercial bankers has led senior positions in many renowned banks; Standard Chartered, Barclays, ADCB, NBAD (FAB), Dubai Islamic Bank, Noor Bank & Mashreq Bank. Our strong ties with these prestigious banks make us the first choice for new company set-up consultancy. We facilitate you to open business / corporate accounts in these leading UAE local and Multinational banks, which in turn helps your business to run smoothly. Not only do we advise you to open bank accounts but also provide the option of full bookkeeping services to assist in completing your Bank KYC and any other requirements raised by the bank from time to time. 

With banks offering a wide range of products and services to the customers, our expert bankers estimate the pros and cons of different banks suiting your business needs. We put forward the best option in banking that gives you better interest rates, free credit cards, foreign currency accounts, fixed or flexible deposits, higher daily withdrawal limits etc. Our company initiates bank accounts in reputed banks under various categories like premium account and salary account.

Set up your company bank account in 4 simple steps:

  • Select preferred bank
  • Apply for your account
  • Finalize the account process
  • Trade Internationally

Trade Finance:

What is a Trade Finance Service?

For companies trading overseas, importing and exporting goods requires an appropriate funder. To avoid complexity in business, it is imperative to look for simple and flexible finance solutions for domestic and international trade transactions. Trade Finance service can help you by providing funding options for all your trading activities.

How can we help?

Increasing competition in the UAE market has made trade finance quite a task for foreign investors, who are constantly struggling to manage their finances in the host country. At Wealth Orbit, we find the best suitable finance option from a pool of lenders, banks and financial institutions. We possess professional experience in guiding companies through complex trade transactions and thereby, improving profitability for businesses. As our expert investment bankers navigate these options to thrive in the future, we are working round the clock to give you effective results as soon as possible. 

Coming through for your complex financing needs, we are here to assist you through your funding journey. We help you to explore the potential impacts of the Trade and Export Finance policies of UAE. We do understand Export, Import collection documents and Letter of Credits (LCs) to further strengthen your knowledge for trade transactions. Our experts prepare you to compete at a global level by generating more working capital and getting better market rates than you peers. 

Get control over your own trade transactions and keep a track of fast and convenient methods to grow your business. Wealth Orbit improves cash flow for your business by availing heavy discounts on bulk orders and generating more working capital. In short, we are ready to give your business the push it needs to flourish in the international market.

Commercial Financing:

When starting a business, commercial financing can seem very daunting to foreign investors who are newly adjusting to the banking system in the UAE. Wealth Orbit has helped both emerging entrepreneurs and those with established companies to generate maximum working capital for their business. We are a team of commercial business banking service experts and have been in the region for more than 15 years in the lending business. Our professionals understand the need of your business very well and give investors all of the training they need in order to run their own business. 

Commercial finance is one of the top reasons that kept investors at bay in the UAE market. Given the rise in cross-country business, you might expect for a more reliable source to fund your business activities. Wealth Orbit guarantees maximum credibility of commercial financing sources and more. Our commercial financing service determines the obligations faced by you in expanding your business. As a result, we facilitate you to avail best available commercial financing from the UAE as well as the overseas based banks.

We specialize in connecting you with funders who can speed up your business transactions and manage business related risk. We are ready to assist you with the following financing: 

  •  Trade and Working Capital Financing (LC, TR, LBD, Invoice discounting, Term Loan etc)
  •       Commercial Property Financing
  •       Loan Against Property
  •       Business loans
  •       Equity Release
  •       Asset Backed Financing
  •       Islamic Murabaha

Real Estate & Construction Financing:

If you are looking to finance commercial registered buildings, including offices, shops, residential and mixed-use, you are at the right place. Wealth Orbit introduces you to full ownership of property you buy in the Middle East. With our rigorous screening criteria, we have established many company offices and other real estate businesses to avail best financing opportunities available for their business. We promise to initiate purchase of land for your commercial activity from top financing institutions. 

We understand your need for a reasonable Finance amount, tenor and pricing in compliance with the terms and conditions. We bring you the best banks for all these needs and more. Our experienced professionals have wide expertise in understanding the current value of the land and the construction cost of the project. We always aim that the real need of our client has to be fulfilled in terms of finance amount, tenor and pricing. Trust us to make your real estate project a dream come true. 

 We are specialized in assisting our clients in below financing:

  • Constructing Financing
  • Project Based Financing
  • Building Construction Finance
  • Equity Release from Real Estate
  • Existing Loan buyout with better deal by fine pricing and tenor

 Mortgage and Home Loan:

With many years of experience in business banking  services and financial industry, Wealth Orbit facilitates you to avail maximum loan amounts at affordable interest rates. We try and make your loan disbursement as hassle-free as possible, with minimum paperwork and quick processing. This helps you to manage your finances effectively and efficiently. Our experts possess extensive knowledge on mortgage rates at different financial institutions and are ready to assist you with these details anytime and anywhere. 

Our mortgage and home loan options lets you borrow as much as you need with low interest rates and flexible payment terms. Guaranteeing you a convenient repayment tenure, we help you in making informed financial decisions through our expert consultancy. Let us look at some of the most important services we provide for your tailored needs.

Wealth Orbit is proud to offer the following services:

  • Mortgage Advice
  • Property buying Advising
  • Complete information and selection of Financial Institution
  • Comparison of Interest Rates
  • Cost and Time Saving Options
  • Transparent Mortgage Process

You can get services about many products of Mortgage including but not limited to the following:

  • First Time Buyer Mortgage
  • Improvement in Existing Property
  • Equity Release
  • Investment Property Mortgage
  • Refinancing & Remortgaging
  • Buyout Mortgage

Debt Structuring:

Debt Management is required when you need to raise corporate debt for the growth of the business, capital expenditure or debt repayment. We help you gain a clear vision into these requirements by determining suitable interest rates, offer price etc. Our professional, skilled, specially trained financial consultants in Dubai offer a specialized team of experts that helps you with your financial situation. They will draft a clear framework for your debt restructuring and coordinate with banks on your behalf with best available solutions for you.

Due to the shift in current global economic policies, many corporations find it difficult to manage their P & L, directly impacting their repayment capacity towards the banks. To manage this unwanted situation, Wealth Orbit analyzes all your finances, expenses, income and revenue streams to manage the repayment tenure of your liabilities in business. Our experts have come up with solutions to reduce the interest rates on loans or extend the due dates for your company’s liabilities, thereby making financial transactions more flexible. With us, your company gains a broader and deeper understanding of the role credit instruments play to advance your business. This helps you determine an optimal financial structure and provide your own terms and conditions for different financial products.

The quintessential solution to debt structuring is to understand the financials of your organizations and settle it so that it can be a win-win situation for you and the banks. Our business banking services experts provide this understanding and much more to keep financial distress at bay. We forecast your funding requirements arising in the future and give you appropriate choices specific to your business needs. With our help, you can understand the ways of managing your debt.  We will analyze in detail and coordinate with the bank on your behalf and arrange your best available restructuring facilities.

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